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About us

Caring You (CY) Health Concept is a natural food and beauty products company, specialised in manufacturing and selling of quality healthcare and beauty supplies. Caring You, abbreviated as “CY”, is named after the abbreviation of thefounder’s name. As with the name of the company, CY is founded with the mission to inspire all walks of life to lead a healthier lifestyle with the goodness of natural products, and to bring Malaysian brand as an international product manufacturing country recognised for its premium quality.


Why Choose Us

Our company product is 100% natural ingredients and laboratory tested to ensure everyone can enjoy the best of nature’s goodness. Our products are thoughtfully packed into the convenient individual pack so you can easily bring along with you and replenish your nutrition needs wherever you go. Designed by our professional designers, CY products come in exquisite packaging and gift boxes that make the perfect gift ideas for your friends, your clients and your loved ones. Unlike the traditional hampers and gift baskets, the refreshing look of our product designs makes healthy lifestyle more trendy than ever, adding to the plus points for your corporate image. Our products are available for self-managed mobile commerce store, allowing the convenience of easy access to our products from anywhere around the world.


What Our Brand Stands For

Caring You (CY) Health Concept – always striving for the better and the best.

As we strive to be the brand of trust for consumers, we have been actively carrying out on-going research and development of new products that bring out the best of nature. On top of that, we are actively improving our service quality and production technology to provide the best products and customer experience. Currently, we are growing our network of partnering distributors, and in the planning to bring CY brand abroad. One day, we hope that CY brand will be an internationally recognised brand for quality natural products known to be made in Malaysia.


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Contact Information

Contact Number : 012-710 6236

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : Caring You Health Concept

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